Monday, May 19, 2014

Good News: I Receive an Artist in Residence Appointment

A bit of good news I'd like to share with all of you as a new week begins (more good news): I mentioned some time ago that a university had indicated to me it wanted to appoint me an artist in residence in the fall semester, but that I would wait to share details after I had received official notice of the appointment and had signed the contract. I'm now happy to tell you that the University of Central Arkansas has made me an artist in residence for the fall semester.

I'll be giving a number of presentations about my book Fiat Flux: The Writings of Wilson R. Bachelor, Nineteenth-Century Country Doctor and Philosopher (Univ. of AR Press, 2013), and will be doing a book-signing. I'm especially pleased to have this opportunity because UCA is the university to which two of my aunts went as they obtained credentials to teach after having finished college elsewhere. 

And so I have a family tie to the university that makes me feel as if I am somehow walking in their footsteps and perhaps fulfilling some of their dreams through this appointment . . . .

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