Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rocco Palmo Tweets that USCCB Will No Longer Issue Statements As States One After Another Affirm Human Rights of Gay Citizens

I should think so. It has to be becoming downright embarrassing for them to issue the same tired statements as state after state falls to human rights for a stigmatized minority group, with strong judicial statements noting that marriage is a human right and that the exclusion of gay people from civil marriage is malicious and harmful — not to mention, unconstitutional. 

Each statement they issue as another state falls only drives home the point, for thinking people with well-formed consciences, that they've placed themselves on the wrong side of history's moral arc, and have painfully and decisively hollowed out their moral authority to teach about human rights and concern for those on the margins. So that no fewer and fewer people listen to them any longer, no matter what the Michael Sean Winters of the church say about how authority resides at the top and should "force" us to "submit." 

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