Monday, May 26, 2014

Dropping from the Catholic Birdcage: "What a Schizophrenic Relationship the Catholic Church Has with Gay People"

Hal Watts writing in National Catholic Reporter about the recent announcement that a court has cleared the way for Mark Zmuda to fire Eastside Catholic in Seattle for firing him after he married his partner:

What a schizophrenic relationship the Catholic Church has with gay people. They call us "disordered", then they say we should be treated with respect. They say that they love us, but they fire us for being who we are and loving who we do. They say they are pro-marriage, but they have fought tooth and nail against gay marriage or even civil rights. They tell us to be chaste, but there's a new priest scandal at least once a week if not more. 
I hope this man wins his case and sues their butts off.

A good Memorial Day holiday to readers in the U.S., and a good day to readers everywhere.

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