Monday, December 9, 2013

Why Holy Ghost Catholic School Fired Gay Teacher: Contract "Requires All Faculty and Staff to Follow the Teachings of the Church"

Why Holy Ghost Catholic Prep school in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, fired teacher Michael Griffin when he got a license to marry his partner Vincent Giannetto: according to David Gibson's report for Religion News Service (by way of National Catholic Reporter), 

[School president Father James] McCloskey said in a statement to the newspaper that Griffin's action violated the terms of his contract, "which requires all faculty and staff to follow the teachings of the church as a condition of their employment."

Holy Ghost faculty and staff using contraceptives had best watch out. You're next.

For that matter, my experience teaching in Catholic schools has led me to conclude that there are a whole bunch of employees of those schools who don't follow the teachings of this church in this area, that area, and another area.

As one court after another has long since observed, the very essence of discrimination lies in different treatment of people in comparable circumstances, on the basis of distinctions that should not make a difference.

The photograph of Michael Griffin and Vincent Giannetto is from this ABC news article of station WPVI in Philadelphia.

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