Sunday, December 8, 2013

Contributor to NCR Threads Continues to Link Homosexuality with Pedophilia and Necrophilia, Speaks of Gays as Mentally Disordered

As Catholic pastoral leaders seek with increasing lack of success to convince their flocks and the general public that gay people pose an incomparable threat to social stability, and that gay folks are in league with the devil and their open, loving, committed relationships are evil (I'm piggybacking on my previous posting), here's the kind of discourse about gay people that continues to be protected at Catholic blog sites:

This is one Purgatrix Ineptiae, who holds forth at National Catholic Reporter threads, writing about her fellow human beings who happen to be born gay:

Difficulty with logical, objective thought is highly correlated with the homosexual disorder.

Homosexuality has less in common with divorce and contraception than than it has with necrophilia, onanism and pedophilia. Normal people can see that.

As readers of Bilgrimage will know, I've followed this particular poster for some time now at various Catholic blog sites, because she spent time here in the past--and so I take her commentary about disordered, mentally defective gay people who are linked to necrophilia, onanism, and pedophilia personally. She posted comments similar to the ones above on Commonweal blog threads for some time, using the same username--Felapton--that she employed at Bilgrimage.

I pushed back against her commentary at Commonweal, because it seems positively malicious to me. It's akin to the kind of dangerous blood-libel accusations made against the Jewish people, which have resulted in unknown misery for Jews in Christian cultures for centuries.

When we permit targeted minority groups to be lied about, to be linked with disease and filth, to be represented as abnormal and defective, we open the door to violence against those minority groups. Discourse like this has no place at Catholic blog sites. 

Commonweal gave this particular poster far more liberty to post material like the preceding statements for far longer than I'd have preferred to see, and I felt that, in pushing back against such statements, I myself became the enemy at the Commonweal site, as other bloggers there defended this poster and refused to support me. To its credit, the Commonweal site did eventually ban this poster, as America also did when she began to comment there as Amy Ho-Ohn.

To its credit, NCR has removed previous comments of this poster, when she has stated that, because they are disordered, gay people can't think clearly and can't use the tools of logic that normal people like her use. I've flagged both of the preceding comments, and we'll see what NCR chooses to do with them.

Meanwhile, I can't be silent as filth like this continues to pour out on Catholic blog sites. I will continue to ask, Why is hate rhetoric that would not be tolerated in the case of other targeted minority groups still permitted at Catholic blog sites when gay people are the object of that rhetoric?

Discourse of the kind Purgatrix Ineptiae continues to employ in her homophobic commentary at NCR threads--with apparent impunity--has no place on a Catholic blog site.

Footnote: by 9:20 CST (U.S. time) on 9 December, National Catholic Reporter had removed the offending comments I discuss above. I am grateful to NCR for taking this step to combat the use of its blog space to attack those who are gay. 

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