Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quote for Day: Refusal of Republican States to Expand Medicaid One of Most Sordid Acts in Recent American History

Kevin Drum on the decision of Republican states to turn back billions of dollars that would have provided healthcare coverage to their poorest citizens:

The refusal of Republican states to accept Obamacare's Medicaid expansion surely ranks as one of the most sordid acts in recent American history. The cost to the states is tiny, and the help it would bring to the poor is immense. It's paid for by taxes that residents of these states are going to pay regardless of whether they receive any of the benefits. And yet, merely because it has Obama's name attached to it, they've decided that immiserating millions of poor people is worth it. It's hard to imagine a decision more depraved.

And then when one considers that a large percentage of those states are bible-believing, churched states--the most bible-believing, the most churched in the entire nation--one wonders what being a Christian really means to many Americans.

And to the U.S. Catholic bishops, who have freely chosen to cast their lot with those bible-believing Christians, and who continue to attack the new healthcare program in order to mount attacks on the Obama administration . . . . 

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