Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pope Francis Chosen as Time's Person of the Year: A Selection of Commentary

As the day ends, here's a selection of commentary (and news reports) on Time's choice of Pope Francis as 2013 person of the year. Time's two statements first, followed by commentary and news reports, alphabetical by the surname of authors:

Howard Chua-Eoan and Elizabeth Dias, Time, "Time's Person of the Year 2013: Pope Francis, the People's Pope"

Nancy Gibbs, Time, "Pope Francis, the Choice"

John Allen, National Catholic Reporter, "Thoughts on Francis as 'Person of the Year'"

APThe Guardian, "Pope Francis Named Time Magazine Person of the Year for 2013"

Chris Arnade, The Guardian, "Pope Francis Is a Whistleblower for the Poor: Thank You, Time, for Recognizing It"

John Bacon, USA Today, "Pope Gets Nod Over Miley Cyrus for 'Person of the Year'"

David Badash, New Civil Rights Movement, "Pope Francis Is Time Magazine's Person of the Year"

Believe Out Loud, "Pope Francis & Edie Windsor Honored by Time Magazine"

Barbara Blaine, SNAP, "Vatican--Pope Is 'Person of the Year'--Victims Respond"

David Cloutier, Commonweal, "Pope Francis: Priorities Make Him Person of the Year"

Lillian Cunningham, Washington Post, "Time Magazine Names Pope Francis Its 'Person of the Year'"

Elizabeth Dilts, Reuters, "Pope Francis Named Time's Person of the Year"

Liz DoddThe Tablet, "Time Magazine Names Pope Francis 'Person of the Year'"

Philomena Ewing, Blue Eyed Ennis, "Time Magazine Person of the Year--Pope Francis"

Yasmine Hafiz, Huffington Post, "Pope Francis' Defining Moments: How the Pontiff Became Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year'"

Natasha Hakimi, Truthdig, "Time Magazine's Person of the Year: The People's Pope"

Christopher Hale, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, "Time Selects Pope Francis as 2013 Person of the Year"

Amy Hubbard, Los Angeles Times, "Pope Francis, Mr. Popularity: Winner in Polls, Time Person of the Year"

Jack Jenkins, Think Progress, "Pope Francis Has Done More Than You Think in 2013"

Isaac Luria, Groundswell, "Remember When Pope Francis Came Out for Love?"

Maureen McCarty, Human Rights Campaign, "Pope Francis and Edith Windsor Make Time's 2013 People of the Year List" 

Mark Memmott, NPR, "Pope Francis Is Person of the Year, Time Says"

Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, Huffington Post, "Why Pope Francis is Time Magazine's Person of the Year"

Alyssa Rosenberg, Think Progress, "Why Pope Francis Is Really the 2014 Person of the Year"

Bob Shine and Francis DeBernardo, Bondings 2.0, "Time Chooses Pope Francis as 'Person of the Year,' in Part, for LGBT Welcome"

Jake Tapper and Jessica Metzger, CNN, Did 'Person of the Year' Pope Francis Influence World More Than Assad, Snowden?"

Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon, "Time's Fitting Choice: The 'People's Pope' as Person of the Year"

In addition: the Facebook page of Catholics United has announced that its director James Salt was interviewed today by MSNBC. I don't yet see further information at the webpage of Catholics United. And the Facebook page of Network Lobby also has an announcement applauding Time for its choice, which says that Sister Simone Campbell was also interviewed today by MSNBC, but I don't yet see information at the website of Network Lobby

Twitter at "pope time" has ongoing coverage of commentary, too, for those interested in following the latest statements.

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