Monday, March 4, 2013

Warning: The Dangers that Same-Sex Marriage Poses for Real Marriages

In response to my posting this morning citing Mary Elizabeth Williams's Salon commentary on the Cardinal O'Brien story, TheraP writes,

Ok, I'm a psychologist. And I'm here to say: Gay marriage will not be harmful to those who enter it nor to those of us who gladly celebrate it! And especially it will not harm the children of gay parents, who can say: My parents are married! 
Gosh... the adversaries are really upping the ante now, aren't they? Going further and further round the bend. Can't even cite a single word Jesus said to back themselves up! 
Imagine if Jesus had said: Let the little children come to me - except the gays. Instead, Jesus said: What you do the least of these, you do to me
I rest my case: These folks should go straight to the loony bin!

Ah, but watch the video at the head of this posting by the Coalition of People Whose Lives Are Ruined Whenever Other People Are Treated Equally. Then you'll have the full story about what marriage equality will do to straight marriages! 

(Thanks to Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin for posting this clip at that site today. And to TheraP, who always speaks powerful truth with compassion, and who's absolutely right in what she says above.)

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