Friday, March 15, 2013

A Note of Profound Thanks for Valuable Comments Here

A quick note as I move to the chores part of my morning and away from my computer for a while: I feel it's important to tell readers how much I'm benefiting from the many valuable comments you have been making here the past several days, while I haven't taken time to acknowledge them. I'm moved by the hopefulness of many of my fellow Catholics and many people with whom I interact in various dialogue communities online. 

There's a vitality of spirit that impresses me among many people I admire and talk to online, including many readers of Bilgrimage. I listen. I learn. I'm moved. I think about what you say.

And you deserve responses from me, which I intend to try to provide later today. Meanwhile, I wanted to thank all of you for your valuable remarks the last several days, when so much has happened so fast and furiously that I have spent more time trying to catch up with the news than to respond to the good comments here.

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