Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ads at Bilgrimage Site

Dear Folks,

A reader has told me of an ad that appeared today here, whose content strikes me as a bit incongruous--incongruous with the content of this blog site. I appreciate very much knowing about the ad.

I actually have ad-blocking software on my computer, and so I don't even see the ads running on Bilgrimage. I had also thought I'd chosen an option of shutting down ads in the settings for the blog, but I am apparently doing something wrong as I click the control panel settings if ads are still running.

In case it's not obvious to all readers, I did want you to know I don't have control over the ads that Google chooses to run here. I do think I can block ads from specific urls and specific kinds of ads, and will do my best to figure out the control panel and try to accomplish this.

I apologize if any ads have been jarring or even offensive. And, again, I'm really happy this valued reader thought to tell me about this issue.

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