Friday, March 1, 2013

Breaking News from Daisy at Fur-licity: Emeritus Holiness Slated for "Dancing with the Stars"!

Daisy on Her Journalistic Beat

But, hang on: all is perhaps not doom and gloom, tragedy and sadness. At the wonderful Fur-licity blog, Daisy has a breaking-news scoop I haven't seen elsewhere, so I want to be the first to share this insider information with all of you. Here's Daisy:

I know you would want to know about this ASAP!!! 
The friend of my friend's cousin twice removed told me.... 
"In a shocking development, the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI was not for reasons of poor health as originally announced – but because His Holiness is going to join the cast of celebrities on ABC TV’s Dancing With The Stars! The new cast of Season 16 will be introduced soon, but leaks at the Vatican produced the news that the Pope will be on the show, and is very much looking forward to it. Long known for his dancing abilities, Pope Benedict has always favored ballroom dancing, and in his pre-Pope days had actually won several dancing contests in Europe. Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron was surprised and “extremely honored” that His Holiness would leave the Papacy and all its ceremonial glamour to vie for the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. Fans were wondering how the show could outdo last year’s tremendous All-Stars Season, but now they know. Judge Bruno Tonioli, who is Catholic, fears for his ability to be fair when judging the Pope, but has vowed not to let his beliefs enter into his decision."

And why not keep our ability to laugh alive, even as we struggle and worry and hope for a better world and better church? In doing so, we're hewing true to the insight of Ecclesiastes, surely--Tempus flendi, et tempus ridendi; tempus plangendi, et tempus saltandi. I think I've heard that Daisy's favorite flavor in that verse is the saltandi.

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