Sunday, September 25, 2011

Remembering a Grandmother's Birthday: A Photo Essay

Warning: the following posting is, in many ways, an entirely personal one, and may be utterly boring to many readers with no interest in my family memories.  It's one I do want to make, though, as a tribute to my grandmother, who exerted a great deal of influence on me in my formative years.  Friday was the anniversary of her birthday, and she has been on my mind all weekend.  

The following photo tribute to my grandmother's memory takes photos from her at various periods of her life, from soon after birth up to the month before her death, and arranges them in chronological order.  If nothing else, the posting may interest people who find some fascination in viewing the changes that can occur to a particular person over the course of her life.  If I had more techie savvy, I could probably create a slideshow of these photos.  Since I don't, I've inserted them in chronological order into the posting.

My grandmother, Hattie Paralee Batchelor, was born 23 September 1888, daughter of George Richard Batchelor and Catherine Ryan.  On 12 June 1912, she married William Zachariah Simpson.  She died on 23 May 1968.

With mother Catherine, 1889, from a very faded and warped tintype.

Abt. 1895, holding doll.

Abt. 1908.

1912, soon after marriage.

Abt. 1920, as young wife.

1923, holding baby Hattie Clotine (my mother), with daughter Margaret Frances in background.

Abt. 1950.

April 1968, within several weeks of her death.

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