Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pro-Life Party Cheers Death Again: Let the Uninsured Die

The party of life--you know, the pro-life party that stands unambiguously for the value of life in every shape, form, and fashion--cheers and claps again at the prospect of death: in this case, the cheering and clapping is in response to question about whether an uninsured young man in a coma ought to be allowed to die because he has no insurance.  And this response, of course, echoes the response at another recent GOP rally when Gov. Rick Perry mentioned his abysmal record vis-a-vis capital punishment.

The current campaign cycle is making it harder and harder for the U.S. Catholic bishops to keep saying with a straight face that the Republicans are the party of life and the Democrats the party of death.  Nonetheless, I don't doubt that the bishops will keep trying to spin things precisely that way.  

It's what their wealthy conservative handlers demand of them, after all.

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