Thursday, September 8, 2011

Michael Sean Winters on Republican Debate: "Chilling"

Michael Sean Winters' commentary on the Republican debate yesterday might be more pointed--and truer--if his concluding sentences read, 

That's right. The pro-life Republican audience erupted in applause. It was chilling.

It surely didn't require this debate to clue pro-life Catholics who lean Republican on pro-life grounds in to the fact that they've long since cast their lot with people who talk a loud, deceptive game about respect for life.  While their policies are antithetical to respect for life almost any way one parses those policies.

Catholics who have been playing footsie with these folks for a long time now have been spectacularly duped.  Particularly if they think they're promoting the cause of life by putting Republicans into office.

The graphic shows support for the death penalty by party affiliation in 2004, per Gallup polling data as reported at the Death Penalty Information website.

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