Monday, September 19, 2011

Magisterial Teaching on the Intrinsic Disorder of Gay Persons: Previous Bilgrimage Discussions of the Topic

Catechism of Catholic Church on Objective Disorder of Homosexual Inclination

In the first two links in the list below, readers will see that I refer to previous postings at this Bilgrimage site about the term "intrinsic disorder" in Catholic magisterial teaching, and the attempt of Catholics of the right (and center-right) to deny that magisterial teaching defines gay persons in their very personhood as disordered.

Since Michael Bayly has been overseeing a valuable conversation about this topic at his Wild Reed site (the first link below links to Michael's discussion), Michael has asked me for a list of links to the previous statements at Bilgrimage on this topic.  I've prepared a list for him.

This list may be useful to readers at both sites, and so I thought that as I sent it to Michael, I'd post it here.  Here are some of my previous statements about these issues:

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Heteronormativity and the Challenge of Creating Welcoming Communities

Defining Gay Persons as Disordered: Catholic Roots of the Ugandan Situation

Catholic Teaching on Gay Persons as Disordered

Rome and Gay Seminarians: No Wounds Need Apply

The 2008 Compendium: Whys and Wherefores

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