Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Reader Writes: "We Are Supposed to Enter into Their Confected Church Reality"

The following comment by John Shuster in response to my post several days ago about Patsy McGarry and Bishop John Magee is too good not to be shared as a post proper: 

60 Minutes replayed Morley Safer's interview of NY Abp. Dolan over the weekend.  Dolan was clear that the hierarchy has their own spiritual world that is different from the real world we all inhabit.  As believers, we are supposed to enter into their confected church reality, become spiritually addicted, emotionally and intellectually codependent to them, and by doing so, we will find "salvation".  Sentient people reject that understanding of religion with the same conviction that Dolan rejects our reality with his signature dismissive hilarity.  Controlling language, meaning, and ultimately how people think is a core manipulative tool that Patsy McGarry has identified and exposed.

The hierarchy has its own world different from the real world the rest of us inhabit; it's a world of confected church reality, and the price of our "salvation" is to enter the never-never land of that unreal reality; and the president of the U.S. Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Dolan, invites us to enter the pretend world with his signature dismissive hilarity: brilliant.

And right on target

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