Sunday, August 14, 2011

Forrest Wilder: Mainstream Media Look the Other Way at Perry Show

Forrest Wilder on how the mainstream media continue to soft-sell the prejudice, ignorance, and downright cruelty of the religious right--latest case in point, Rick Perry's Response rally:

None of the D.C.-based political reporters for top-shelf publications (Politico, Washington Post, New York Times) seemed to notice or care about a number of peculiar moments throughout the event – as if anything short of snake-handling and holy rolling wouldn't merit mention. 

There was probably a time when an evangelist calling for the mass conversion of Jewish people to Christianity at an event "initiated" by a mainstream presidential contender would ruffle some feathers. Apparenly not anymore.

And why do the mainstream media persistently give a pass to this kind of gross "religious" rhetoric?  Because the corporatist taskmasters to whom the media are indebted want to use this kind of religion instrumentally to keep Americans "obedient" to the "truth" as they pick our pockets to the final dime.

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