Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irish Priest Harry Bohan, Responding to the Cloyne Report: Catholic Church Needs Revolution

Quote for this Sunday, from Irish priest Harry Bohan, in response to the Cloyne report (and here and here):

It brought home to me that the institution, the clerical authoritarian church, became so concerned about the institution that it had forgotten what it was about, and that was the most sickening thing of all.

Christ set up a community, not a hierarchy, and that is the priesthood and church we must go back to.

That church was a humble church, it was a servant church; we need a different culture of authority. We need a culture of authority which facilitates people because the real energy now will come from lay people, not clerics.

And I think where the renewal will begin will be with the lay people facilitating them as equals, their priesthood as well as the ordained priesthood.

Fr. Bohan made these observations a day or so ago on the program "CountryWide" of the Irish RTE radio network.  Marie Crowe reports today on the program in the Irish paper Independent, to which I link above.

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