Friday, August 19, 2011

NOM Gearing Up to Outlaw Same-Sex Marriage in Minnesota: Alvin McEwen's Overview

At Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, Alvin McEwen offers a valuable summary of the game-plan of the National Organization for Marriage, as it seeks to use the issue of same-sex marriage to drive right-wing (read: Republican) voters to the polls in 2012: a massive infusion of money from unnamed sources; direct mobilization of the churches as players in a partisan political game; outright lies about gay folks and attempts to blur the line between religious and civil marriage in order to confuse people; expensive media vehicles to bombard people with lies and distortions of the truth, etc.

In other words, the same game plan NOM always uses as it does its exceedingly dirty work to promote Republican agendas and Republican politicians . . . . And in Minnesota, since the Catholic bishops and Knights of Columbus have given strong signals for some time now that they're perfectly willing for their church to be used as a pawn in these partisan political games, we can expect heavy, direct involvement of many Catholics in the NOM-inspired campaign to outlaw same-sex marriage.

What remains to be seen is how successful the pushback of the many Catholics in the state who abhor this politicization of their church and the turning of the Catholic church into an anti-gay mean machine will be.

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