Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thanks, and News about a Good Doctor's Report

A quick note of thanks (and apologies for interjecting this trivial personal note into a discussion of the far more significant news today): thanks to all of you who have asked about my doctor's visit yesterday.  Since I blogged about that, and a number of e-friends and blog readers have asked me about it, I did want to report that the blood tests were fine.  Actually, better than that, the doctor indicated.  He says I'm in some ways a model patient who could be used as an example for others, to show that adult-onset diabetes can be turned back, arrested, if not eradicated, through diet, exercise, and weight loss.

Why he needed me to come in to hear this, and that my blood work was good, I don't quite understand--and why he would put me through a week of anxiety about that, again, I don't understand.

But I'm delighted, needless to say, that this six-months test shows that I have maintained the blood levels I had attained by Christmas last year, which now show me at just the threshold of diabetes, when, last July, I had (without knowing it) gotten into a real danger range with the glucose levels and the a1c levels.  

And, again, I apologize for mentioning any of this at all on the blog, but did want to respond to those who have asked me how the visit went--and I am deeply grateful for your concern.  Now to take a walk up the street to our little farmers' market and see what healthy locally grown things I can find there to keep the healing going!

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