Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Terry Weldon on Catholic Role in New York Marriage Equality

I'm just now seeing Terry Weldon's outstanding analysis of the role played by Catholics in the human rights victory in New York last week, at his Queering the Church blog.  Terry centers his commentary about why growing percentages of Catholics support marriage equality around family values, a theme that resonates with Catholics, values they want to see extended to others seeking to form stable, productive, generative unions that build stable, productive, generative societies.  Terry writes:

 Families speak, and listen, to each other. As far as I can tell, there are scarcely any bishops anywhere, of the many thousands around the world, who can seriously be said to be talking or listening to the queer Catholics they so easily condemn, and against whom they are so eager to continue discrimination. “Family” is an important Catholic value - and so is equality. It makes sense that Catholics should want to combine both, in family equality.

A great article, as usual, from Terry.  I highly recommend it to readers.

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