Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catholic Blogsphere Abuzz with Rumors of Corapi Announcement: Deacon Greg Kandra Breaks Story

Deacon Greg Kandra is reporting the first tiny peep in months from Father Corapi--at least, the first one I've heard about, though I still occasionally receive zingy (and, often, frankly astonishingly nasty) comments from the Corapi fan club responding to my postings weeks back about his situation.  (I've just linked to the last of my previous postings; interested readers can follow the string back from that one).

Kandra's Deacon's Bench blog says that speculation is "hurtling around the Catholic blogosphere" about a possible forthcoming statement from Father Corapi about his status, which will be issued on YouTube, Facebook, and by email.  As Deacon Greg points out, the statement about the impending announcement--which has evidently come to some of Corapi's fans by email--comes from Corapi's media company and not from his religious superiors or other church officials.  And the announcement appears to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Corapi's ordination by John Paul II.

All of which--the coincidence of the commemoration of one's ordination with economic self-interest--raises some interesting questions about precisely who regards Father Corapi as an icon of Catholic truth and why he/she does so.  At least, this announcement raises those questions, to my way of thinking.

Just saying.

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