Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catholic Right Holds Back-to-Past March in Kansas City to Support Embattled Bishop Finn

Survivors of clerical sexual abuse (and Catholics concerned to see survivors healed and given justice):

Think the rabid right wing of the Catholic church really cares about you and about seriously addressing the deep rottenness from which the abuse crisis proceeds in the church?  Think again.

Have a look at this clip of the prayer march held in support of Bishop Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri, yesterday.  Listen to the Latin rattle.  Hear the rosaries jangle. Take a gander at Our Lady of Fatima, the patron of all those convinced that the Catholic church is under attack by modernity itself, as she marches past.  Watch for the young Catholic woman prancing with the mantilla on her head.  And, as the clip ends, for the model Catholic family in which Mama wears the costume of an obedient Catholic woman of the pre-war period, modest skirt almost down to her ankles, little daughters in the same costume, while Papa in his dark suit sports a retro hat from the same period.

Can anyone say cult?  But that cultic, back-to-the-past course is precisely the one now being charted for the church by its present leaders.  Who have everything vested in diverting attention from their abominable failures in handling the abuse crisis.

And whom these good Catholics are perfectly willing to give a free pass, as they rattle Latin, jangle their rosaries, and put women back into their rightful places under men as lords of creation.

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