Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sojourners Refuses Once Again to "Take Sides" in Struggle for Gay Rights

I've noted in a number of previous postings that I no longer offer support to Sojourners, though I'd like to do so.  We sorely need organizations in the U.S. that draw together coalitions of faith-based communities working for progressive change.  But Sojourners' (and Jim Wallis') ongoing refusal to  support gay rights (and gay and lesbian human beings) has become more than a blind spot in that organization's work for justice, as far as I am concerned.

The homophobia (and that's what it is, when battle lines are clear, and the refusal to take sides represents a failure to stand on the side of justice in a historic battle to see justice done) increasingly undermines for me any position Sojourners takes about anything.  And so I also increasingly turn a deaf ear to anything I read by Jim Wallis.

And Robert Chase's report yesterday at Religion Dispatches about Sojourners' recent refusal to support the "Believe Out Loud" campaign, since Sojo doesn't "take sides," hardly causes me to revise my opinions about the organization.  It's time for good people of faith to stop playing these shameful games.

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