Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enlightened Catholicism on Ayn Rand Economic Fantasies of U.S. Catholic Bishops

Quote for the day, from Colleen Baker's Enlightened Catholicism blog, re: the Ayn Rand economic fantasies now being promoted by the U.S. Catholic bishops through their president Timothy Dolan:

Between what Bishop Finn has just admitted to, on top of what Cardinal Rigali has admitted to, added to what Archbishop Dolan has written Congressman Ryan, I have completely lost any faith in the body politic of American bishops to ever act like their Apostolic predecessors.  The USCCB can no longer expect to cover all their other indiscretions with the abortion diaper.  It just ain't gonna stretch.  The stench is too strong.

Yes.  Colleen's right on target.

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