Monday, May 23, 2011

Matthew 25 and Expectations of the End of the World

By the way: I read the strangest report yesterday morning.  Did any of the rest of you happen to see it?

It seems 284,000 empty shoes (all in pairs) were found Sunday morning around the world.  The people wearing them seem just to have . . . vanished.

And, strangely enough, they're concentrated among certain demographics: the homeless and mentally ill; several batches of gay and lesbian folks partying at fin del mundo parties in big cities; a number of transsexuals; quite a few prostitutes, people doing life terms in prison, etc.  Very few of these people belonged to any church or religious group at all, it seems.

Not a single one of these folks lived in D.C.  Or an episcopal palace.  Or the Vatican.

The report said two other down-and-out people also--believe it or not--appeared to be unaccounted for on Sunday morning.  Their families were reporting that they seem to have disappeared.

What on earth can all of this mean?

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