Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mary Gail Frawley O'Dea Asks, Where Is Catholicism's Tahrir Square?

As I do, the broken record knocking again and again as the turntable rounds another time, Mary Gail Frawley O'Dea asks when Catholics will finally say, "Enough," and claim ownership of their church:

So where is Catholicism's Tahrir Square? Why isn't the Philadelphia chancery surrounded by thousands of Catholics and their priests shouting for Cardinal Rigali to "Go! Go!" What will it take to mobilize the People of God to insist on, to fight for an end to a privileged patriarchy holding up a feudal monarchy whose members tolerate sexual and spiritual slaughter of the lambs?

When will the people say, "Enough!" and assume the power that is theirs to wield within their own church?

As O'Dea notes, "Philadelphia renders us out of excuses and rationalizations."  

And she's right.  It's time for Catholics to ditch the moral imbecility of one excuse after another for a thoroughly rotten and thoroughly system.  And to become accountable adults.  If what we believe in really means anything at all, that is.

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