Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lines I Wish I'd Written: Jamie Manson at NCR on Archbishop Dolan's "60 Minutes" Interview

Jamie Manson writing in National Catholic Reporter about USCCB president Archbishop Timothy Dolan's recent "60 Minutes" interview:

But once the laughter dies down and the pigs in a blanket are but a grease-stained memory, this man for all seasonings unveils his very unpopular convictions. 

Indeed.  As I wrote in the conclusion to my posting earlier today, the theatrics and bombast are all designed to keep us from seeing what's hidden in the smoke and what's behind the mirrors.  It's hardly a tribute to their understanding of the intelligence and moral insight of lay Catholics that the bishops continue to push these glad-handing, grinning actor types onto the stage, hoping we'll be fooled one more time--and allowing them to buy more time as they continue to resist transparency and accountability about the abuse crisis.

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