Sunday, March 6, 2011

Andrew Sullivan Comments on Philadelphia Story: Even Now, the Catholic Hierarchy Doesn't Get It

Andrew Sullivan tells it like it is in this posting today commenting on the New York Times article about the Philadelphia story re: which I wrote yesterday.

Sullivan's conclusion as he reads the Philadelphia story:

There has been some progress in accountability and openness. But the core elements that made the Catholic Church one of the biggest pedophile conspiracies in the world for decades if not centuries remain: incoherent, irrational and data-resistant doctrines on homosexual orientation and sex in general; a Western culture in which fewer and fewer straight men are prepared to give up sex and love and marriage to serve the church; and a hierarchical structure designed to instill control rather than openness, and perfectly set up to enable cover-ups.

Since the church even now seems incapable of treating child abuse as seriously as the rest of society, it seems to me that increased police involvement is necessary.

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