Friday, August 10, 2012

Politics, Pictures: 1,000 Words

I shouldn't say it.  But I will.  

Because I have to get it out my head.  And sometimes uttering thoughts exorcises them.

When I look at this picture

And then this one,

The very same phrase pops into my mind: death's head.  

It's the phrase that always popped into my head when I saw pictures of the distinguished civil servant and Georgetown professor at the top of the posting.

And I'm wondering these days what it portends for the future of a nation--for the future of the entire planet, when that nation wields international influence--that some of the chief spokespersons for one of its major political parties begin to look like walking death's heads.

At least, in the estimation of one citizen who would be inclined to cross the street and make the sign of the Cross if he saw either Ms. Brinker or Ms. Mr. Akin sauntering towards him.*

*Thanks to Mike McShea for catching that embarrassing mistake (which wasn't intentional on my part).

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