Saturday, August 11, 2012

Disqus Problem? A Fix for Readers Receiving Disqus Error Message

Dear Folks,

Two readers of Bilgrimage have told me of some problems you've just encountered, in which the Disqus commenting system is now telling some of you that your browser is not supported by Disqus.  I'm sorry this is happening and am grateful to you for telling me about it.

I did just now do a bit of research to try to figure out what's going on, and I find that Disqus itself has offered a fix for those encountering the problem.  This page at the Disqus site may be helpful both to explain why the error message is appearing when some of you are trying to comment, and how to circumvent the problem.

If this doesn't help you or work for me, please email me, so I can keep trying to figure out and resolve the problem.  I value all of your comments, and surely don't want anyone shut out of the system.  Please keep me posted about what's going on as you try to comment, and I'll keep trying to assist in every way possible.

P.S. (later): I think one other option if you encounter this error message from Disqus is, of course, to update your version of Internet Explorer, or to download the latest versions of either Firefox or Google Chrome, if you're using a p-c.  And if your p-c has the capability to support the latest versions of any of these . . . . I used Firefox for several years when I worked on a p-c, and found it to be a very good browser program, for what my recommendation is worth.

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