Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pepper-Spraying Everything: Know Your Meme

Much of what I'm posting right now will be old news to those who were online in the past two weeks, while I was traveling and deliberately fasting from blogging.  But in case any Bilgrimage readers missed this delightful tidbit by Abby Zimet at Common Dreams a week ago, I thought I'd point to it today.  It's called "Pepper Spray Cop Out."

I had no idea that the notorious incident in which the UC Davis policeman John Pike pepper-sprayed a group of innocent students last November had sparked, as Zimet says, a "lively meme," images of which the Know Your meme site has captured in a slide show.  The graphic for this posting is from the slide show.

Any favorites?  They're all so clever, it's hard for me choose just one.  And horrifying at the same time.

The casual way we slice and dice the humanity of others.  Every day.  Never counting the cost.

And never looking at the human wrecks we leave by the side of the road as we do our slicing and dicing and counting in and counting out.

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