Friday, August 17, 2012

Combox Problems May Be Fixed

Dear Readers,

As I noted about a week ago, a number of you have told me by email (and in comments here) that you've been having some problems commenting after Disqus began notifying some readers that its comment system isn't supporting outmoded browser programs.  Michael Hazell of the Techman's World blog saw my posting and kindly sent some suggestions that I believe may have fixed the commenting problems for Bilgrimage.  I say "I believe," since I will need your feedback to know whether you are still having difficulties.

One of the problems that at least one cherished reader of this blog had emailed to tell me about some time ago was a difficulty sending comments via mobile devices.  Michael also noted this and suggested a fix.  I've applied it, and my nephew has tested the fix on his mobile phone and had no trouble leaving a test comment.  

I hope that any readers who previously had a problem in this regard will now find that your difficulties have been resolved.  Please let me know if you do continue to have problems.  I hope you won't.

As to the other problem that is more recent--the message that the combox won't work for you because your browser is outmoded--Michael also suggested a fix.  I've applied that, and am hoping it will have resolved that problem.  If not, please tell me.

Some readers in the past have asked me why I installed Disqus in the first place, and didn't continue with the inbuilt comments system that comes with Blogger, which I was using when I began this blog.  As Michael notes at his site, the Disqus system has some core features that the inbuilt Blogger comment system lacks--and this is precisely why I started using Disqus at this site several years ago.

I certainly appreciate both Blogger and Disqus for offering all these wonderful mechanisms for online communication freely to the blogging community.  None is without bugs, of course, and as bugs appear, I keep trying to deal with them--with your help to alert me to the problems.  

Please let me know if you continue to have any problems commenting.  I very much value your comments and want to fix any problems that you report to me--and am very grateful to Michael Hazell for sharing his expertise with us.

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