Thursday, August 23, 2012

Climate Change and the Matrix of Life: Reflections

Abby Zimet points out today at Common Dreams that as the GOP prepares to gather in Tampa to bless a platform widely characterized as "the most conservative" in modern history--a platform largely driven by white men twisted in knots over issues of pelvic control--the earth is on fire.  Literally so.  And nary plank in that gorgeous big platform full of pelvic strictures addresses the reason for the drought-caused fires that no one in his right mind any longer disputes: global warming.

The graphic at the head of the posting is one I've been pondering ever since a link to it popped up on a blog I regularly read--and I'm very embarrassed now because I'm unable to remember precisely where I first encountered this link.  My sincere apologies to the blogger who led me to this link, and whom I've now forgotten.

In any case, I do have the link to which some other blog pointed me: the picture above is by Sr. Pat Farrell, OP, and appeared at the Dominican Opreach blog earlier this month.  The posting of the photo is accompanied by the following lines from environmental philosopher John Muir:

When we tug at a single thing in nature,
we find it attached to the rest of the world.

And those are words we need to write on our hearts now, it seems to me, as the worst among us blather on about respect for life while belying every word they utter through their callous disregard for the ecological matrix from which all life springs, while the best among us are too often silent in face of the malevolent blather.  And while, as John Harkness reminds us at Common Dreams recently, the upheavals of agriculture this summer, entirely due to climate change, will seriously affect the lives of the 50 million Americans who receive public assistance to buy food (not to mention of poor folks around the world).  These upheavals will translate into higher food prices that will make it harder for many people to buy food.

(Reckon this might make the GOP stand up and take notice of climate change due to global warming?)

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