Thursday, April 2, 2020

Facebook Is Censoring Links to My Postings About Belligerent Response of Many "Pro-Life" Christians to Pandemic

Today, Facebook has censored links to my two last Bilgrimage postings — here and here. When I try to post links pointing to the two Bilgrimage postings on Facebook, I receive a message that these postings violate Facebook community standards. It's clearly the Bilgrimage links themselves that are triggering Facebook censorship, since I can post material from both postings on Facebook and those postings go through, but when I try to post a link to either of the two postings, the posting will not go through and I receive a message that these postings violate Facebook community standards.

Facebook recently had some kind of glitch in which it removed multiple postings of multiple users. I think that is not the explanation for what I'm experiencing today, since I've been networking with other Facebook users and find no one else experiencing this censorship and receiving the message that his/her postings violate community standards.

I think this kind of censorship is more likely due to someone or multiple someones — perhaps with clout behind them — pressuring Facebook to censor my statements about the role that some "pro-life" US Christians are playing in this pandemic.

P.S. Facebook has just now censored yet another of my Bilgimage postings — this one about the pro-life head of Liberty University, which states, "When all this is over and done with, if any of us live through it, there needs to be a big reckoning for pro-life Christians in the US and a careful critical examination of what they have accomplished in American culture and political life."

For further information about the continued censoring of my Facebook postings linking to Bilgrimage, see here and here.

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