Thursday, April 2, 2020

Facebook Continues Removing Postings I've Made Linking to Bilgrimage: An Update

An update on what is happening today with Facebook and postings on Facebook that link to my blog: 

Today, Facebook has been going systematically through recent postings I have made on Facebook which link to my Bilgrimage blog and removing them from my feed, permitting no one to read them. Each blocked posting has a message attached telling me the postings violate Facebook community standards.

When I or anyone else tries to post a link to my blog on Facebook, a notice pops up that the blog itself violates community standards. It was when I got that notice today as I tried posting a Bilgrimage posting I uploaded today that I learned about what was going on. Facebook has not permitted me to post a link to that posting, either.

Postings with links to the following three Bilgrimage postings have now been removed by Facebook from my Facebook page:

Facebook blocked my attempt today to post a link to the following Bilgrimage posting:

How Some Catholics Are Doing Their Bit to Defy Medical Advice and Government Guidelines and Own the Libs During This Pandemic

Update: And the removal of Facebook postings linking to Bilgrimage continues. I have just gotten a notice from Facebook that they have removed the a posting with a link to the following Bilgrimage posting, since it violates their community standards:

As America Becomes Number 1 in World Coronavirus Infections, the "Beautiful" Idea of Packing Churches for Easter: My Commentary

For previous postings with information about Facebook's censorship of postings that link to my Bilgrimage blog, see here and here.

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