Thursday, April 16, 2020

Facebook Continues Censoring Bilgrimage, Labeling Links to Bilgrimage as Links to Violent or Graphic Content

I just shared a link to my latest Bilgrimage posting on Facebook, only to discover — and I suspected this would happen — that Facebook has once again begun censoring links to Bilgrimage with a warning label that the link points to material that may be violent or graphic. Here's what I just shared on Facebook:

Since Facebook is back to labeling any link to my Bilgrimage blog as a link pointing to violent or graphic material, I will share this excerpt of my latest posting on the blog with you, and note that you can find it by going to Bilgrimage dot blogspot dot com, which does NOT contain violent and graphic material. 
It contains factual information challenging the claim of "pro-life" white Christians to be pro-life in any meaningful sense, something we're seeing with shocking clarity during this pandemic — a viewpoint and information that Facebook wishes to censor. Which tells us everything about Facebook's real commitment to letting people tell truth that makes its lords and masters uncomfortable, doesn't it? 
In my latest posting at Bilgrimage dot blogspot dot com, I write, 
"These 'pro-life' white evangelicals and their influential, well-placed Catholic fellow travellers (see: William Barr) claim to be 'pro-life' and to follow God's commandments (see: 'Thou shalt not bear false witness'). I hope someone is saving recordings of the ceaseless ambulance sirens in New York to play — like footage of the crematoria at Auschwitz full of human ashes and bones — when these lying servants of the Lord begin lying in the future, as they absolutely will do, about what they set into motion by electing their 'pro-life' president." 
If you want to read the entire posting, it's at Bilgrimage dot blogspot dot com.

Please feel free to share far and wide the Bilgrimage posting that Facebook wants to censor, along with the news that Facebook has been censoring and continues to censor Bilgrimage — especially any statement on Bilgrimage that provides factual, non-violent, non-graphic information showing how void of any real meaning is the claim of many US "pro-life" Christians to be pro-life in any authentic or coherent way at all.

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