Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reader Writes: Catholic Master Narratives about Abortion "Don't Cover Much Ground Outside the Western Middle-Class Bubble That Can Afford to Treat Human Sexuality Like a Cupcake Addiction"

In response to my posting earlier today about the Zika virus and the lack of any response — yet — to the serious moral question it poses for the absolutist "pro-life" stance of some folks today, cranefly writes:

I noticed recently that the anti-contraception literature that circulates in the Catholic mommy/daddy community seems to be either 1) lofty metaphysics divorced from real human situations; or 2) about how "not being open to life" hurts marriages on an emotional level. These master narratives don't cover much ground outside the Western middle-class bubble that can afford to treat human sexuality like a cupcake addiction. ("How dare anyone imply that poor women can't control themselves, there's no such thing as non-volitional sex or gendered power dynamics, lalalalala.")

I think this is a stellar observation, and a very well-written one, and I want to highlight it so that all of you have the benefit of hearing it, in case you don't comb through the threads of this blog. 

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