Monday, February 29, 2016

National Catholic Reporter on "Spotlight" Win: "The Mighty, Indeed, Have Fallen from Their Thrones; the Humble Have Been Exalted"

National Catholic Reporter editorializes about "Spotlight"'s winning best picture at the Oscar ceremonies last evening:

With "Spotlight" awarded the Oscar for best motion picture, the public humiliation for the Catholic church is now as thorough as one might expect in a culture where what is on screen is often the most persuasive element in fashioning public opinion. 
In the case of priests sexually abusing children and bishops and others hiding their crimes, the biblical resonance might now finally be felt: the first have been ushered, publicly, to their place in the last seats. The last have been made first -- and given a special place (even on stage with Lady Gaga). No longer need victims hide or fear to explain themselves. The mighty, indeed, have fallen from their thrones; the humble have been exalted.

And NCR is right about this.

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