Saturday, February 20, 2016

Francis DeBernardo on Discrepancy Between Pope's Political Intervention in U.S. and His Total Silence About Anti-Gay Laws in Africa

Francis DeBernardo at Bondings 2.0 on the . . . curious . . . discrepancy between Pope Francis's choice to wade into politics in the U.S., while he remained totally silent about cruel, draconian anti-LGBT laws when he went to Africa:

[T]hough I was happy to hear Pope Francis speak so forcefully about immigration on his apostolic journey to Mexico, his comment also highlighted the fact that he didn’t breathe a word about anti-LGBT laws on his apostolic journey to three African nations in November 2015. Why would he feel morally empowered to wade into U.S. national politics but not do the same in Africa? Why say that opposition to immigration is not Christian, but not say a word against laws which criminalize people because of sexual orientation or gender identity?

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