Friday, June 26, 2015

Turds or Lemons? The Commonweal Crowd Weigh In on the Supremes' Decision

At the Commonweal blog, after Lisa Fullam posted a good piece on today's Supreme Court decision, the usual suspects representing the nadir best of the American Catholic academic-journalistic elite are already hard at work trying to put turds (or is it lemons?) in the punchbowl of Lisa Fullam's joy and the joy of many other Catholics today.

Check out the thread and see what you think: turds or lemons? My vote goes for turds.

These same characters representing the best nadir of the American Catholic academy and American Catholic journalism, who have long enjoyed such unexamined, taken-for-granted heterosexual power and privilege in both sectors, have told Commonweal readers that legalized same-sex civil marriage will open the door to, well, everything in the world including polygamy.

Let's see if that happens. 

Churches that cannot live the good news towards people in pain, people struggling for their rights and recognition of their human dignity, cannot preach the good news of the gospel.

And few traits are more repulsive to many people who have sought good news in Christian communities and then left in disgust than the unwillingness and inability of people who have long enjoyed astonishing power and privilege — bought at the expense of demeaned others who are never invited into their conversations or defended against the injustices done to them by Christian institutions — to recognize, acknowledge, and, yes, apologize for that unmerited power and privilege and what bad use they have made of it.

Repulsive people, the folks who run the Commonweal show. And repulsive, what they've made of that once fine American Catholic journal.

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