Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Sunday Resource: BBC Scotland Program on Slavery and Song

A month ago, I shared with you a wonderful resource compiled by my friend Ian Gilmour, a Church of Scotland pastor. As I noted, Ian and his wife Donna spent a good bit of time in October 2014 interviewing people in Arkansas and Arizona about African-American spirituals and the role they played in enabling enslaved African Americans to combat their oppression in the period of slavery.

The link above points to a series of videos Ian has uploaded to YouTube, capturing an evening of song and commentary on this topic presented by his church, St Andrew's and St George's West of Edinburgh, offered several months ago. Today, I'd like to recommend to you a BBC Scotland broadcast that is also featuring Ian's research about slavery and song. This program aired today, and will be available on the BBC Scotland website for a month. 

The section on slavery and song begins at about the 5:20 mark and runs up to about the 58-minute mark. I hope you'll enjoy this great educational and spiritually enriching program. I have surely done so.

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