Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rachel Maddow on Franklin Graham's Recent Facebook Hissy Fit: "The Universe Has a Way of Making Things Work Out, Big Guy!"

Here's an example of the kind of sassy from-the-margins political discourse that the Controllers of Significant Conversations have long sought to keep at bay — since apocalypse will, they tell us, ensue if the conversation moves beyond their control. Rachel comments on Rev. Franklin Graham's recent Facebook hissy fit about a Wells Fargo ad featuring a gay couple, and his . . . odd . . . decision to move his money to BB&T bank in protest:

Franklin Graham threw a Facebook hissy fit and moved his accounts because of a commercial that showed two women adopting a deaf little girl. But it turns out his new bank is so much gayer than his old bank. The universe has a way of making things work out, big guy!

Sassed by a woman, and a gay one at that, on national television: no wonder poor Rev. Graham is talking these days about apocalypse now. I say, If this be apocalypse, bring more of it on.

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