Monday, December 1, 2014

"The Times They Are A'Changin'": Recommending a Video by Matthew Schwartz to You

This is a day when I'm playing catch-up with email after the holidays, and so I haven't had time to formulate any kind of extensive post. I do want to take a moment, though, to recommend to you the video at the head of the posting. It's from the Spadecaller channel at You Tube, and I find that this channel links to a blog of the same name, which states that the artist who produced this video (and who produces other stellar artworks) is named Matthew Schwartz.

I discovered the Spadecaller channel this weekend because You Tube told me I'd like it, based on other videos I've recently watched. I'm very happy to discover Matthew Schwartz's work.

As I told family and friends when I recommended this video on my Facebook page this weekend, for me, watching this video is a lot better than going to church. It's better than taking part in the worship services or communal life of almost any church I know much about these days. Where churches seem hellbent on affirming (and deifying) American middle-class values under the guise of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, this video challenges me to imagine the world in radically different ways.

And to do something concrete about what I imagine.

In line with the real gospel message.

(It's Odetta, by the way, singing the Bob Dylan song.)

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