Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Bilgrimage Open Discussion Forum — Continuing the Discussion

Weeks back, we discussed setting up some kind of open forum discussion at Bilgrimage. Maggie Crehan, I recall you having a particular interest in this, which some other readers seconded. If I am remembering the discussion correctly, you hoped there could be some kind of meeting place for readers of this blog who might want to contact each other directly, and/or discuss issues that might not be addressed in a particular posting.

A thought has just occurred to me: the easiest way I can facilitate such a discussion is to link this blog to Twitter. Then any reader of the blog who wants to follow the blog (i.e., my Twitter feed) and interact with others following the blog can simply follow me on Twitter.

That allows you to 

1. Be in direct touch with other readers of the blog.

2. Comment back and forth to each other without having to be "on topic."

And so I've just set up a button that will enable my postings here to be tweeted to my own Twitter page, and another that allows anyone who wishes to follow the Twitter feed, and interact with each other on the blog's Twitter page. I hope this will accomplish the goals several of you asked me to consider. Since I'm not at all very tech-savvy, I may be assuming that it will do so, when it won't.

In which case, please tell me!

(Or, on second thought, does anyone know of a way for me to set up a Twitter account for Bilgrimage that's separate from my own Twitter feed?)

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