Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hurrier I Go, Behinder I Get — Apologies re: Delays in Acknowledging Comments Here

As you all may have noticed, I'm yet again behind with acknowledging recent comments here, and I may, in fact, not find time in the next few days to get to that task. I do hope all of you know how very much I appreciate your many wonderful comments here. I read them faithfully, even when I don't have time to let you know I've done so. Right now, Christmas preparation stuff, with added disarray in our household as Steve and his brother add a much-needed new bathroom to our house . . . . And as a result, I may not find time to reply to all of your comments of late, and wanted you to know the reason for that.

The graphic is from the Lewis Carroll Quotable Quotes page at Goodreads. (Does anyone know where Lewis Carroll says this? I had always understood this is a Pennsylvania Dutch folk saying.)

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