Thursday, November 20, 2014

NOM's Economic Collapse: Mark Joseph Stern on Whys and Wherefores

At Slate, Mark Joseph Stern offers three possible explanations for why the donor base of "the viciously anti-gay National Organization for Marriage" (his words) may have collapsed. NOM just released its 2103 tax filings, two days late (in direct violation of federal law). They show the organization in the red by some $2.5 million.

Stern's three suggestions about the colossal shortfall:

1. "The first is that casual donors grew weary of NOM’s execrably hateful campaigns and craven refusal to face public censure."

2. "My second, related theory is NOM’s donors are increasingly terrified of being unmasked."

3. "My third theory—and probably the most likely one—is that NOM’s former donor base has simply lost interest. The battle is over. They know it, and they’re moving on."

Not to be forgotten anytime we discuss this organization that has done so much in the past decade to attack gay people and make gay lives miserable: the organization has strong, clearly discernible Catholic ties and ties, in particular, to the Catholic group Opus Dei. It also has made strong use of Mormon dollars and Mormon support, particularly in the battle to snatch the right of civil marriage from gay citizens of California with prop 8.

Click the label National Organization for Marriage under this posting if you want information corroborating those assertions. And also visit the NOM Exposed portion of the Human Rights Campaign's website.

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