Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Photo Report from My Recent Artist-in-Residence Stint at University of Central Arkansas

Mary Q had asked that I post photos from my recent stint as an artist in residence on the University of Central Arkansas campus. People did take a number of photos at the various events connected to this appointment. I don't have any of those yet, unfortunately, but if I can obtain them, will post them here.

Meanwhile, in one of the classes to which I lectured, it turns out students were tweeting about the lecture as I was delivering it, and snapping photos of me. I've been able to locate at least one of those photos at Twitter, where a student named Madeline Elise tweeted the tweet at the head of this posting as I lectured. 

I find this is one of several tweets Ms. Elise made. I also see tweets from other students in that same class, though this is the only one that seems to have a photo of me (well, another of hers has a photo of me, but it appears my head is cut off).

Education is a whole new ballgame from the years in which I started school in the dark ages of the Dick and Jane reader: "Run, Spot, run!" It was like magic to have a smart board as I presented my PowerPoint presentations during the artist-in-residence events — a screen I had only to touch, and "Run, Spot, run!," the screen shifted to the next slide.

Some students did sant to take selfies with me. Not sure if those made their way to Twitter. If so, I haven't seen them yet (and don't really know how to locate them).

One student wanted to pray with me after class was over. And pray we did. Because I'll take prayers anytime someone offers them — well, for the most part, that is. I can envisage some limitations to that absolute statement.

All in all, the artist-in-residence stint was a great experience. I enjoy being back in the classroom, and found students' questions stimulating — and I also thought that the students were generally interested in the material and made thoughtful comments about it.

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