Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Catholic Voices on "Jesus' Effusion of Inclusion, Love and Mercy"

Mark 1:1 (NRSV)

In addition to Jerry Slevin, whose latest essay on Pope Francis and structural reform of the Catholic church I've just discussed, other Catholic voices are being raised right now to call on the leaders of the church to point it back to Jesus and the gospels:

Thomas Fox at National Catholic Reporter on Cardinal O'Malley's interview with Norah O'Donnell and the question of women's ordination:

Meanwhile, appeals to constant teaching continue to fall flat. The church has changed its "definitive teachings" repeatedly -- in regard, for example, to liberty of conscience, Jews, crusades, slavery, usury, torture, to name a few. 
The road to an inclusive church, one in which all are equal, all are blessed, all are called, will not come easily. O'Malley has again affirmed this reality. But distinctions that set people apart, into classes of greater and lesser authority and power, cannot last, cannot withstand increased access by laity, including women, to education, particularly theological education. In the end, the ban will fall because it misreads the teachings of Jesus. 

Questions from a Ewe on the bafflement Cardinal George recently expressed about what Pope Francis is asking him and other bishops to do:

Soon to retire Cardinal George of Chicago said before last week’s US bishops’ annual fall meeting that he doesn’t get what Pope Francis wants him to do.  "He says wonderful things, but he doesn't put them together all the time, so you’re left at times puzzling over what his intention is… What he says is clear enough, but what does he want us to do?" 
I don't know… Maybe follow the gospels?  Maybe imitate Jesus' effusion of inclusion, love and mercy?    
It's a bit ironic that a 77 year-old self-acclaimed career Jesus-expert suddenly becomes confused when asked to imitate that very guy. 

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