Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quote for Day: The Clear, Publicly Stated Goal of Christian Right's "Religious Freedom" Crusade — Taking Control of Senate

Frederick Clarkson on the clear and publicly stated goal of the Christian right's "Values Voter" Summit with its claim (which I discussed yesterday) that "religious freedom" is under attack in the U.S. right now:

But whatever their numerical goals, they are very clear that the purpose of their "massive election year effort" is in order to take advantage of what they call "an unusual opportunity to shift the balance of power in the Senate" (meaning towards the Republican Party) in the name of the three part agenda of the Manhattan Declaration, "life, marriage, and religious freedom."

And, of course, as I noted yesterday, and as Jerry Slevin has pointed out repeatedly at his Christian Catholicism blog site and in thoughtful comments at various blog sites, the U.S. Catholic bishops are right at dead center in this sham "religious freedom" political crusade, as they were at dead center in the drafting and promulgation of the Manhattan Declaration, with its clear and evident intent to keep alive culture-war attacks on gay people and women's reproductive rights for Republican political gain.

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